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    Vincent London

    Management by KINDRED and ethnicity how he wished the ten year could be appointed to serve as a Minister of State in Nigeria. We are still waiting to know the decision (outcome) about the report and recommendations Chaired by the Vice President on Magu , Mr. Babarchir Davud Lawal and others; we had elevEn appointees for the NNPC from the North one each from Ijaw and the South-West we don’t know how the names slept through Senate for confirmation! See the curious thing about leadership in Nigeria – vis-a-vis corruption; I don’t know how many saw the Chinese Congress Party Meeting on Google – I mean the Illumination supplied by the Chandeliers in the Hall! I mean if they have corruption in that country and they are able to maintain that kind of proficiency in that Hall I recommend that all ‘Technocrats’ and political leaders in Nigeria should be sent to China for the idea of a proper ‘national orientation’,folks! ‘Course I knew about this hence my recommendations for Nigeria and indeed African countries to approach China for help in my publication – ‘A WAKE UP CALL! to Africans …. by V. I. Umenyiora.

    I mean if I did persuade African governments to approach Government of China in the manner it is happening in the case of Nigeria, particularly for their rail and highway constructions – transport sector, and I also raised the issues about the (TSA) for Nigeria; what more for Buhari to be fielded for elected in the 2015 Presidential Election, and no letter written to me as acknowledgement for all that goodwill contributions, you wonder how reasonable the Presidency is by its reaction to the letter written by the ten year old and all that fuss in Aso Rock!


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